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Yaga -
Peer-to-peer file sharing network with secure publishing, search and downloads of digital documents, pictures, music and video.
AudioGalaxy -
Music sharing software like Napster which automatically finds nearest file (for Windows and Linux). Site includes featured MP3s, bands; software, discussion forums, and chat.
KaZaA -
KaZaA is a completely distributed peer-to-peer file sharing service.
WinMX -
P2P file-sharing application. Supports multi-source downloads.
openCOLA Inc. -
An open source development shop working in the area of distributed computing and peer to peer exchange.
Scour Exchange -
Can share your favorite music, videos, and even your most embarrassing photos with users all around the wired world. -
Home of the Morpheus self-organizing, file-sharing system with features including chatrooms, general digital media and simultaneous downloading.
iMesh -
User-to-user exchange community.
Endeavors Technology -
Provides secure peer-to-peer (P2P) collaboration networks with its product, Magi Enterprise for PCs, laptops and Windows CE handheld devices. Includes messaging, WebDAV publishing and encryption. -
File-sharing portal featuring news, content, downloads, interviews and reviews for P2P clients.
Publius Publishing System -
Web publishing system that is highly resistant to censorship and provides publishers with a high degree of anonymity.
Slyck -
File sharing news site with regular articles and statistics on the state of all major Napster alternatives.
Neo Modus -
Home of the entirely peer-to-peer Direct Connect file sharing system which allows sharing of any file type, connection to independent networks, and advanced search functionality
Grokster -
File sharing system for all types of digital content which provides advanced search, auto resume, download control, upload/download bandwidth control and file preview.
eDonkey2000 -
Program that allows you to transfer any type of file.
BadBlue -
A free, very small Windows web server for sharing, publishing and serving files. -
KaZaALite is a completely distributed peer-to-peer file sharing service but without spyware, p2p programs attached, or pop-ups.
Carracho -
Offers Mac software that allows you to share files, search for files, resume stopped downloads, and create own chat rooms.
After Napster - The Beat Goes On -
A large listing of Napster alternatives - software for various platforms, search and metasearch services.
UniteTheCows -
P2P and file sharing portal featuring news, discussions, downloads and reviews. For a Song -,6115,344896~4~0~whichonlinemusicservice,00.html
Entertainment Weekly rates Rhapsody, MusicNet, Pressplay, and Emusic.
SongSpy -
A graphical peer-2-Peer mp3-only sharing network designed from the ground up by music addicts for music addicts. Earn Karma Points good toward prizes just for sharing.
Blubster -
Decentralized file sharing system for MP3 files featuring resumable and distributed downloading.
The Circle -
Decentralized, highly scalable P2P application. Features file sharing, instant messaging, IRC style chat and trust based news.
Filetopia -
File sharing tool with public key encryption, instant messages, chat, free e-mail, message boards and file collection organizer.
Swaptor -
Free online file sharing software for selectively sharing digital files.
GNUnet -
An open source, file-sharing system for Linux with a focus on user anonymity which also provides accounting features.
Widesource -
A "peer to peer" program with a search engine to find data. Includes multiple criteria such as page size, opinion, date, language, keywords, connection speed, and other specifications.
Rapigator -
Freeware peer to peer file sharing application that allows users to send and receive a variety of filetypes on OpenNap and Gnutella as well as it's own proprietory service.
FreeWeb -
A user-friendly GUI-based Freenet client for site insertion.
Splooge -
File sharing technology for peer to peer sharing of any file type.
Myster -
File sharing utility for Mac, Windows and Linux platforms featuring a realtime, self-organizing and self-optimizing network.
iNoize -
Allows people with broadband connections to share music.
Direct Connect, EDonkey or Kazaa? -
Compares the file sharing systems Direct Connect, Edonkey2000 and Kazaa on the basis on usability, download speed and features.
Morpheus, AudioGalaxy and Imesh Guide -
Beginners guide and overviews to using these file sharing systems.
Aimster Madster -
Provides tutorial on the file sharing system, Aimster, now known as Madster, as well as FAQs, pictures, and news links.
OnSystems -
Offers secure private servers to corporations who wish to maintain their own p2p networks.
Konspire -
A searchable, distributed file sharing system with no central servers, and resumable file transfers. Written in Java 1.1 for portability.
NapMX -
Allows users to add OpenNap and SlavaNap server to WinMX servers list.
WWW File Share -
File sharing system with a browser-based client allowing sharing amongst closed networks of friends.
Frost -
Java-based file sharing and messaging client for Freenet.
AGStreme Satellite -
An open source replacement for the original Audiogalaxy Satellite with features to manage audio files.
VXNET private peer-to-peer networking -
Enables PC users to connect directly to each other, without a network server, using any Internet connection, even wireless. Includes file and folder sharing, file compression and encryption, and private messaging.
My Web Server -
Free personal peer-to-peer web, file and application server that allows you to message, save your favorites-bookmarks, file upload, and save HTML pages in your shared directory.
JukeDaddy -
Offers a program to allow streaming of mp3s and control music files from anywhere on your network.
SuperFastDownload -
Webmaster tool for creating pages where files can be downloaded by the client via accessing other p2p platforms, reducing bandwith costs.
File Spree -
Offers decentralized file sharing for several file types using a Windows Explore type interface.
Xtellinet -
The eXtended Intelligent Network is a peer to peer network for the future, building on the principles of its predacessors like Napster, Gnutella, and Freenet.
CompuTwin -
Decentralized file sharing system for general digital files that is compatible with the Open Nap network.
IntelliMP3 -
Free downloadable music mp3 search tool and entertainment search engine for music and video. - ProjectShare -
Providing business file sharing that allows you to centralize and access files, as well as database collaboration.
KaZaA Chat -
Forum for posting questions, comments, and to report bugs. -
A portal with reviews, downloads, and forums of file-sharing programs. Allows user-submitted content.
Linux Direct Connect Client -
Linux console, text-based file sharing client for Direct Connect networks. This client use a VGA compatible linux console as interface for users. - Napster Alternatives -
Information about other file trading programs.
Filetopia News -
Software, news, games and forums related to this file sharing tool with public key encryption. -
Information and reviews of file sharing technology available today on the net.
The Ballad Free File Sharing Network -
Allow users of several file sharing programs to connect to their network of servers to search for and download items in a P2P environment.
TrippyMX -
Contains a downloadable server list for WinMX to replace it's default list of servers.
Spartacus -
File sharing P2P groupware software supports MP3 sharing as well as documents and other formats.
FastTrack Accelerator -
Companion software which automates the process of finding more sources in Kazaa and Grokster.
ZPoc -
File sharing software for the Christian community to share beliefs through songs, with their friends. Features include chat and private messaging.
MP3 Voyeur -
A local area network MP3 search tool that crawls local networks for shared MP3 files.
StreamSec 2PCube -
Integrated client and server with strong encryption designed for small groups on large networks. Features include file sharing, messaging, news and chat.
Appzster XP -
File sharing which allows users to trade general digital files.
Netvirtuose -
Information about Goochi, a peer to peer freeware written in Java. It permits you to share files and chat.
FlatLan Bryant -
File-sharing tool of general digital content which scans the Bryant College campus network for shared files.
Haxial KDX -
Encrypted file sharing system for the Mac or PC.
Mynz-i -
Image file-sharing application supporting thumbnails with private messaging service and chat rooms and more.
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