kazaa Publisher: Sharman Networks Ltd
  OS: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
  License: Free
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KaZaA Media Desktop 2.0 kazaa spyware

The KaZaA Media Desktop is a second-generation peer-to-peer file-sharing service with which you can search and download media files from other KaZaA users. You can also organize, view, and play your media files through an integrated media jukebox, publish your own work, reach an audience, and communicate with other KaZaA users. KaZaA supports audio, video, images, documents, and other file formats. It features recommendations and an automated feature that lets people communicate with contacts.

Version 2.0 offers improved image handling, customizable skins, integrated antivirus protection where shared folders can be automatically scanned on start-up and during each download for greater protection against viruses, and the addition of integrity ratings to help improve the reliability of files.

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